The Congleton Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of planning document and is part of the government’s new approach to planning in that it aims to give local people more of a say about what goes on in their Town.

The Plan that is is eventually produced has to comply with some important laws as set out in the Localism Act. One of these is that the Neighbourhood Plan must be in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and local policy, which in our case will be the Cheshire East Council Core Strategy in the emerging Local Plan.

Although the Plan has to deal with key issues such as deciding where new housing and employment should be located, it will also look at a wide range of other issues such as:

– Protecting green space

– Determining how new retail should support the town centre

– How important sites such as the Fairground site should be developed

– Improving cycling and walking provision

– Whether new community faclities are required and where they should be located

The key areas affecting Congleton

Protecting the town’s heritage and appearence whilst at the same time modernising its infra structure

Confirming areas of the town which should remain as open spaces

Improving the sustainability and vitality of the town’s retail centre

Attracting public and private sector investment

Retaining existing employers and attracting new employers to help create more local jobs

Increase housing in line with the Cheshire East Council Local Plan

Ensuring the area is easy and safe to move around for all modes of transport including walking and cycling

Creating a greener town

For the latest updates on where Congleton Neighbourhood has got to on it’s journey see:

N Plan R Map update 14.4.2016 (2)

Neighbourhood Plan:
The Process


Congleton via Town Council agrees it would benefit from a Neighbourhood Plan


Seek approval for boundary area from Cheshire East (given as Town Boundary)


Get interested people together to form work groups


Communicate and gain initial ideas from residents


Analyse results and start working on policies and visions


Go back to residents with more detailed and probing questions to check on track


Use the results to hone polices


Consult again if needed - or submit to Cheshire East


Cheshire East consult statutory groups and check the plan is in line with national and local policies


Congleton makes changes where needed


Congleton’s Plan goes to an external planning inspector


Either more work needed or goes out to residents for a vote


If accepted - will be used as a Planning Document to guide development in Congleton

The process is complete

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