Key Resources

The groups have been using various sources of information to help guide their work.  To see a copy of these documents click on the links below. Most link to pages on either Cheshire East Council Web Site, Congleton Town Council Web Site or that of a relevant body. There is further information in the Evidence Library – this can be found in the Themed Group section of this web site.


Congleton Town Council Corporate Business Plan

Congleton Town Centre Plan Final Report

Congleton Town Strategy Consultation as part of Cheshire East Local Plan 

Congleton Public Realm Strategy 

Congleton Inclosure Trust 

Congleton Town Wood  


Congleton Neighbourhood Plan development via Cheshire East Council website 

Cheshire East Council Local Plan Strategy 2010-2030

Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy library 

Cheshire East Council Local Transport Plan 2011-2026

CEC Local Plan interactive adopted polices map 

CEC Green Spaces Strategy Document (Evidence)

CEC Green Spaces Strategy Update 2018 (pages 47-51 Congleton)

CEC Local Plan policy SE Green Infrastructure

CEC Open Spaces Assessment for Congleton

CEC Green Space Strategy Details for Congleton

WYG Cheshire Retail Study 


Strategic Housing Land Availability Study

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 

Listed Buildings in Congleton 

Summary of Responses to Regulation 16 


DGLC Evidence Gathering HMOs and possible Planning Responses 

DGLC Support Smaller scale development – House of Commons 28/11/14

BREEAM UK New Construction 2018

Building for Life 12

Building Regulations M4

Canal and Rivers Trust – ‘Planning for Waterways in Neighbourhood Plans 

Historic England – the setting of Heritage Assets 

Mary Portas Review (Town Centres)


Planning Policies

and much more. We will be putting links or pdfs of the documents and maps on this site by the end of May.