Gems, Pants and Missing….Congleton Neighbourhood Plan Team Needs to Discuss! this

Following a great response from Congleton’s Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, the Neighbourhood Plan team has organised a drop in session at the Town Hall from 4pm – 8pm on Wednesday 8th July to explore the answers in more detail and help formulate the more detailed questions.

1399 people responded to the Congleton Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire – which represents the biggest response that the town has given to a survey in a long time. The questionnaire was delivered to households in Congleton in May with a deadline of June 20th to respond. One lucky entry, Leo Allan from CW12 4, will receive £250 for being the first entry drawn on the 22 June.

The responses are being analysed by the teams involved in the Neighbourhood Plan and will help to form policies, the vision and questions for a more detailed survey to be carried out later this summer.

Some key findings from this survey are:

  • 49% of those answering were not planning to move house. Of those that were planning to move the most popular location was to the outskirts of Congleton.
  • 90% said new development land should be allocated near the Link Road with easy access to the M6
  • 91% wanted to see the Link Road extended to Newcastle Road (54% to Buxton Road)
  • 42% said they would cycle or walk much more if the footpaths/cycleways were improve d
  • All the green spaces were seen as important – with all areas scoring the highest by some people –Astbury Mere and Hankinson’s Field/Park received the most top scores.
  • A broader retail offer (60%) and an improved market (40%) were seen as the most important ways to improve the Town Centre
  • Introducing Town Centre Heritage and Green Town Centre Trail was seen as most important for Heritage although all ideas were received favourably

The Demographics of those answering the questionnaire

  • 49% male, 51% female
  • 31% were 65+ years, 37% 45-65, 24% 25-44, 8% 15-24
  • 54% owned their house outright, 30% owned their house with a mortgage
  • 48% of people lived in two people households, 19% in four people households
  • Almost 60% had lived in Congleton for more than 20 years, 21% less than 10 years
  • More people from CW12 4 answered than any other postcode
    (41% CW12 4, 25% CW12 3, 13% CW12 2, 11% CW12 1)

More details of the findings of the questionnaire can be seen at

For those who didn’t fill in a questionnaire, who want to discuss their answers in more detail or would like a chance to discuss issues with one of the Congleton Neighbourhood Plan team there will be a chance to meet the team at Congleton Town Hall at a drop in session at the Town Hall on Wednesday 8th July from 4pm – 8pm. People are invited to stay for any time from 4 minutes to 4 hours!

The format is very informal. Each of the groups will be represented. There will be boards for people to add their thoughts on what’s great (gems that we must protect), what’s not so good and needs something done about it (pants) and what the town is missing. There will also be a chance to view the large maps and make comments on how you would like to see Congleton develop over the next 15 years.

Artwork produced by Congleton’s youngsters on their vision for Congleton 2030 will be on display and the winners of each category will be announced at 6pm.

Brian Hogan, who chairs the Steering Group of the Neighbourhood Plan said: “The team is pleased that 1400 people took the time to fill in our questionnaire and we will be looking carefully at the feedback. This was just the first round of consultation and we look forward to gathering more views at the Town Hall next Wednesday (8 July) and then will need to drill into more detail in the next round of more detailed questionnaires which will come out this summer.

For more information contact Jackie MacArthur at Congleton Town Council on 01260 270350 ext 2.

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