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Congleton started the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan in Deccember 2014.  We have created this website to help keep you informed of the progress of our Plan. It is important to us that you feel informed and are able to give comments and feedback at every stage of the plan’s development. Congleton is not unique in creating a Neighbourhood Plan – there are hundreds of towns doing the same. But the plan that we create together for Congleton will be unique. Neighbourhood Plans cannot be bought off a shelf – it is a shared vision for Congleton and its development from now until 2030.

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The Congleton Neighbourhood Plan is being led by the Town Council and started in December 2014. The Town Council want the residents of Congleton to have a say in all aspects of the future of the Town, but, most importantly we want local people to be involved in where housing should be located, rather than simply leaving this decision to Cheshire East Council.

The Plan when produced will set out a vison for the Town that reflects the thoughts and feelings of local people who have  a real interest in the community in which they live and work..
The Plan will set objectives and policies on key issues such as housing, employment, green space, transport and infrastructure issues.
The Town Council via the Neighbourhood Plan is committed to working together with the people of Congleton to implement the Plan and make the Town a better place to live work and enjoy!

The Plan passed it’s Regulation 14 consultation in the autumn/winter of 2017 and is currently with Cheshire East Council at Regulation 16 Stage. 

We have now had the first round of questions returned from the Planning Inspector and these can be viewed here 


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The Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of planning document and is part of the government's new approach to planning in that it aims to give local people more of a say about what goes on in their Town.